A Little Sacrifice Goes A Long Way

A Little Sacrifice Goes A Long Way

Zakat Foundation of America is beginning the annual Udhiya (Qurbani) campaign for the upcoming month of Dhul-ul-Hijjah. The goal of the program is to distribute fresh meat on an international scale to families who cannot afford it in time for Eid-ul-Adha.

Zakat Foundation of America ensures the best quality meat for distribution by purchasing well-maintained livestock from local farms in each country. This also helps the local economies of these communities by creating a space for self-sustainment. In addition, the animal sacrifice is made during the days of Eid-ul-Adha to guarantee the fresh quality of the meat.

On average, one sacrificed sheep provides meat for about 10 people. Zakat Foundation of America’s Udhiya program provides 5,000 sheep across our humanitarian sites, therefore, we are able to help over 50,000 annually. To date, Zakat Foundation of America has provided Udhiya in more than 30 countries worldwide, and the 2015 program summary includes Gaza, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Kosovo. Visit our Udhiya 2015 campaign page to learn how you can contribute.

The act of Udhiya (sacrifice) has been enshrined in Islamic tradition since the time of Prophet Ibrahim (as). Every year, Muslims participate in the Udhiya to distribute meat to family, neighbors, and the poor. Zakat Foundation of America has consistently developed our Udhiya programs to continue this blessed practice and make sure our services are offered throughout the corners of the world.

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