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Emergency Relief

We respond quickly to natural and man-made disasters.

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Seasonal Programs

We uphold the sunnah (tradition) of giving during the most blessed times of the year.

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Orphan Sponsorship

We provide orphaned children with love, hope, and empowerment for the future.

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Development & Sadaqa Jariyah

We complete projects that both empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty as well as grant the donor continual rewards.

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Latest Updates from the Field

Latest Photos & Videos

Polar Vortex: Rescuing the Homeless

Zakat Foundation of America’s staff and volunteers trekked into Chicago’s lethal subzero weather to clothe and feed the city’s burgeoning...

In 2018, for every dollar donated to Zakat Foundation of America, 89.7 cents went directly toward programs serving those in need.