Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC Impacts Unemployment in South Shore: Mr. Leslie's Success Story

In Illinois, unemployment rates are steadily rising. As a result, more people are faced with foreclosures and unable to meet their basic needs. Zakat Foundation of America recently started an initiative emphasizing the need for employment mentoring and job training. A majority of these services are carried out through Zakat Foundation Community Center-Chicago (Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC) located in the South Shore area of Chicago.

The program was designed to aid Chicago’s inner city residents to find employment in this difficult market. Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC provides assistance with:

    • resume writing

    • internet access

    • mock interview training

Mr. Leslie, an assertive yet soft-spoken man, is one of many who have been affected by the devastating job recession. He began coming to Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC four months ago and immediately felt welcomed. Shortly after, he began inquiring about available opportunities offered by Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC. He joined the employment mentoring program and started comprising his resume and perfecting his interviewing skills. Since many job applications are online it can be intimidating for those who are not computer savvy. It was through Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC that his confidence grew and he really understood the concept of putting your best foot forward when looking for employment.

Mr. Leslie’s attitude and perception changed as he felt renewed and prepared since having learned so much though the mentoring program at Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC. Recently, he found employment at a large utility company and credits Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC for allowing him to reach his career goals. He strongly believes that others should seek out community resources to assist them during this difficult time. He is one of several who have taken advantage of the many opportunities provided by Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC.

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