Zakat Foundation of America-Sponsored UpGlo Raises Natural Professionals from Dark Times

This piece is also published in the From the Community section of the Chicago Tribune.

They arrived from war-torn countries, their lives full of trauma.  From their asylums being rejected to spending years on their cases just to be granted citizenship to find careers, life was made difficult to reside in their new countries. Despite having few resources for guidance, these people persevered through many struggles to accomplish their goals.

Their advanced degrees did not always put them at ease, as they didn’t easily become accustomed to their new American homes across the globe. Although they reached their education goals thus far, they were not working in their desired fields.

These people attempt to escape hardships, only to find the same scenarios at their new destinations. They struggle to receive stable salaries to consistently provide for their families. In order to make their hopes and dreams match with reality, Zakat Foundation of America helped fund the Upwardly Global (UpGlo) project.

Based in Central U.S., UpGlo ensures that refugees, asylees and immigrants receive the aid they need, keeping them on their toes within all professional aspects. From interviews to building resumes, UpGlo shines light on these individuals’ futures, leading them out into successful careers by preparing them for interviews, employment and business communication.

“My story has been rewritten by UpGlo. They believed in my potential, built upon my skills and saved me months of struggle,” said Ahmad, a Syrian refugee who currently resides in Illinois. “Today, I am delightfully contributing to the local economy as a professional, paying my taxes and feeling secure for the first time in many years.”

Zakat Foundation of America joined in supporting Upwardly Global after researching their life-changing projects. After a year of sponsorship, Zakat Foundation of America and Upwardly Global doubled enrollment goal numbers, with some even tripling.

In only a five-month span, from April to August, nearly 170 immigrants were trained and became skilled professionals, nearly doubling the target number of about 90, per an UpGlo report. So far, 75 of these professionals actually began their careers. Of the proposed goal of 20 dependent children to benefit from this goal, nearly 50 have. Three months after placement, the members were surveyed, with a positive response of 93 percent still being employed.

Aynur said she struggled with her English skills as recently as a year ago. Her confidence was low, and she considered quitting UpGlo. Her mentor kept reassuring her that she will be successful with time - and she was. After UpGlo’s help, Aynur was hired as a software engineer for Life Fitness with a benefitted salary that comfortably provides for her and her child.

“UpGlo has the solution to every barrier skilled immigrants face in the U.S.,” Aynur said. “They enrolled me in a great ESL [English as a Secondary Language] program (Education First), where i had the chance the chance to further practice and improve my english skills.”

Aynur is one of the many candidates who have benefitted from UpGlo’s help. Zakat Foundation of America plans to continue its projects with more organizations like UpGlo, providing help to overachieving future leaders of their respective industries.

“I used to think twice or more before saying anything. Now, I feel confident about my speaking skills,” Aynur said. “So I started my job search again, and I managed to get a job in my first in-person interview.”