In the aftermath of chemical weapons attacks that hit the suburbs of Damascus in the early hours of August 21, killing hundreds of civilians as they slept, area hospitals are filled to capacity with patients, sickened by the as-yet-unidentified substance. Doctors report that patients are being treated in mosques and schools as well as clinics.

Zakat Foundation of America has already supplied thousands of doses of adrenaline, hydrocortisone and atropine, and hundreds of serum bags, blood bags and oxygen masks to clinics in the Damascus area.

But more is urgently needed, particularly antibiotics to prevent and treat infections that can follow the trauma of a chemical weapon exposure. Thanks to the generosity of Zakat Foundation of America donors, 2,000 doses of antibiotics are currently on their way to clinics in Damascus.

Zakat Foundation of America has delivered humanitarian aid to Syria since the conflict began in March, 2011. From medicines, housing and food, to educational programs for refugee children, Zakat Foundation of America has responded to the needs of an ever-changing and tragically worsening situation. Zakat Foundation of America has also begun looking to the future and planning projects that will enable Syrians to rebuild their country sustainably once the conflict is resolved.

Although these heartrending events may seem a world away, you can still heal and comfort those who are hurting through your courage and compassion. Your donation to Zakat Foundation of America medical aid can save the lives and speed the healing of innocent civilians, including women and children, caught in the Syrian conflict.