Community Sponsors Additional 15 Orphans in North Carolina Fundraiser

Fifteen orphans will be receiving sponsorship thanks to the excellent turnout at a recent Zakat Foundation of America event that took place at Apex Mosque in Apex, North Carolina. More than 200 attendees came out to the event, which was inspired by a tea party theme and mainly organized by Zakat Foundation of America’s youth volunteers.

The evening included a range of games and food. Parents and youth alike helped facilitate fun activities such as basketball matches, cakewalks, cupcake decorating, egg and spoon races, as well as an auction.

More than a dozen of Apex’s local businesses sponsored the event. Also in attendance were fifteen Syrian refugees who had recently resettled in North Carolina.

“It was a wonderful event! Thank you to everyone who organized it and so glad we all got together to help these beautiful little children in need,” Nazia Sarder said.

“I can't say enough good things about what a lovely event you all organized,” added Kulsum Tasnif. “Everything was beautiful, Mash’Allah. I'm so impressed with your dedication and attention to detail.”