Zakat Foundation of America On the Forefront in Syria

Zakat Foundation of America has been on the forefront of relief organizations serving the Syrian people since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Zakat Foundation of America's offices in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have devoted most of their efforts to aiding refugees through food, medicine and shelter.

In spite of the relentless work done by our representatives in bordering Syrian countries, much more work is needed inside of Syria. Throughout this time, Zakat Foundation of America has dispatched several response teams in major Syrian cities, including Homs, Damascus, Hama, Aleppo, and the Zabadani area.

Among the general food, medicine, and shelter Zakat Foundation of America provides to displaced Syrians in these cities, it also provides:

    • Essential needs for children orphaned due to the crisis

    • Mattresses and blankets for families in Zakat Foundation of America homes

    • Equipment for field hospitals

In some cases, our donors make requests that a donation be made for a certain program or city in Syria. Our teams fulfill those commitments whenever they are made. Meanwhile, as the violence shifts from city to city, our teams are aware and respond immediately to assure that our work impacts wherever the need is the greatest.