Zakat Foundation of America Distributing Blankets and Food Packages to Syrian Refugees

Today, September 19, Zakat Foundation of America is distributing blankets and food packages to serve over 500 Syrian refugees in Kilis, Turkey.

The situation in Syria continues to escalate every day and the need for international aid increases with it. Zakat Foundation of America has been one of only a handful of organizations that has been able to provide aid inside Syria and to Syrian refugees in order to help those in need.

There are over 17,000 Syrian refugees currently residing in Kilis, Turkey, and Zakat Foundation of America recently acquired a large storage space in the region in order to store and distribute food packages. Zakat Foundation of America continues to provide aid to Syrians and in the last month alone, has delivered three trucks loaded with food packages inside Syria.

View an album of the recent distribution in Syria.