Zakat Foundation of America Clinic on the Ground in Syria, Providing Help for All

Zakat Foundation of America is running a number of field clinics inside Syria including one in Homs, which is currently one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The Zakat Foundation of America clinic in Homs recently treated a most unlikely patient: a member of the Syrian ruling sect.

Zakat Foundation of America volunteers were driving around the city, combing the area for people who may need help when they came across a man lying in the street, unconscious. The man, who sustained severe injuries, was rushed to the Zakat Foundation of America clinic where he was treated by a team of doctors.

After regaining consciousness, the man was asked if he knew who he was. The man said he remembered. He was Abu Hadi, the well-known leader of the Alawite family, the ruling sect in Syria. Members of the sect are known to be loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is also Alawite.

Abu Hadi inquired about the facility where he was currently receiving treatment and was taken aback when he learned that he was in a secret underground Zakat Foundation of America Clinic, supporting people who have been injured by the violence in Syria. Although they were put in a comprising situation, the staff at the clinic made sure to provide Abu Hadi with the same care and bedside manner that any other patient received.

When Abu Hadi made a full recovery, the Zakat Foundation of America Clinic staff helped him navigate the dangerous streets of Homs until he made it safely home. Before he left the clinic Abu Hadi looked deeply into the eyes of one of the doctors that treated him and said: “I am not sure what word I can use to thank you all. I know I could have been dead, had you not helped me. After this incident I understand that there is only good people and bad people in this country, not Alawites and Sunnis.”