Zakat Foundation of America Brings the Joy of Learning to Jordan

School provides balance for children, giving them a feeling of stability and normalcy while opening the doors of opportunity for their future. Zakat Foundation of America’s (Zakat Foundation of America) Back to School Campaign in Jordan offers both Jordanian students and Syrian refugee children a sense of excitement and purpose in this time of insecurity in their lives. This year, as in past years, Zakat Foundation of America staff and volunteers distributed thousands of backpacks stuffed with school supplies to celebrate the children’s return to school and alleviate the financial burden on their families.

Both Syrian and Jordanian children need support to succeed due to the hefty challenges that have been placed upon them. Zakat Foundation of America staff and volunteers distributed backpacks and school supplies to provide not only practical help, but emotional support, lending a festive air to the event.

"Each September millions of students go back to their school full of excitement for a new start and prepared with all sorts of learning tools such as backpacks, notebooks, pens and pencils. But that is not the case for most of the refugee students, whose family can barely afford food and rent," said Omar Masri, Zakat Foundation of America's Media Coordinator in Jordan. "Most of those students use old tools that don't work as they should," he continued. "In Zakat Foundation of America Jordan we do our best to find those families and supply their children with all the tools that they might need."

"This year we were able to reach more than 1200 students in more than 5 areas in Jordan," added Masri.

In this time of rapid change and mounting troubles, with overcrowded schools and the stress of relocation, Zakat Foundation of America strives to provide a solid foundation of support. With your help, these school children can wake up every morning with a rekindled sense of normalcy and safety.

Please bring a smile to a child’s face by donating today, and give them a chance at a promising future.