Zakat Provides Aid in Minneapolis

Two days after George Floyd’s bereaved family and an emotional nation laid this unlikely icon of systemic American racism and anti-Black police brutality to rest in Houston, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called on Zakat Foundation of America — for the third time in 10 days — to haul in and hand out a truckload of farm-picked produce for local families still cut off from wholesome fresh fare.

“I invited them to bring another container of food, as there is unfortunately no shortage of need,” Congresswoman Omar said. “And I am honored to join and help them in the distribution this Friday.”

Friday, June 12’s free distribution will start around 10 a.m. at the Bryan Coyle Center, 420 15th Ave S.

“I appreciate that Zakat Foundation of America thought of us and came out to Minneapolis with food aid during this difficult time. It means a lot,” Congresswoman Omar said.

Floyd, 46, died handcuffed, surrendered, face-down on a street in Omar’s district — pleading for breath, calling for his mother, throttled beneath the knee on his neck of then-19-year veteran, white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, on Memorial Day, May 31.

The brazen murder transpired for nearly 9 remorseless minutes in broad daylight; Chauvin, hands nonchalantly in his pockets, smirking directly into the recording video camera, with onlookers imploring him for mercy for Floyd’s expiring life.

“Godliness means acting quickly with compassion for the vulnerable,” said Halil Demir, Zakat Foundation’s executive director. “We didn’t wait for an invitation. Right away, we moved to bring these victims of racism and persecution the most basic sustenance of life cut from them: fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk.”...