Zakat Foundation, Feed the Children Unite to Feed Durham, NC

25 pounds of food. Per family.

15 pounds of hygiene items. Per family.

5 pounds of feminine products. Per family.

Cold and rain did not stop Zakat Foundation of America employees and volunteers from providing these essentials to the citizens of Durham, North Carolina.

This was the third such event Zakat Foundation sponsored in partnership with Feed the Children. Zakat Foundation feeds 16 million meals on average per year to impoverished people around the world. The previous distribution was held in November at the Grace and Peace Church in Chicago, and before that was a Washington D.C. distribution in June. The Dec. 20 distribution was held in collaboration with West Durham Baptist Church, which hosted the event, as well as My Community Plan Foundation and New Bethel Baptist Church.

“Poverty and hunger are very serious challenges; they are challenges around the world, but also for millions of Americans here at home,” said Zakat Foundation Executive Director Halil Demir. “We are blessed with our partners, Feed the Children and West Durham Baptist Church, to be able to respond to food security issues for our communities as we did in Durham.”

“The nice thing about this event is it was almost like an interfaith event,” said Zakat Foundation Events Coordinator Lena Tleib. “It was open to all.”

For many recipients, the distribution came at an important time.

"It means a whole lot. [It will] help my family cook a nice Christmas dinner," one woman said, as ABC11 reported.

The event was one of togetherness. When asked why she decided to participate in this afternoon's event, one volunteer simply replied, "For love. This is wonderful!"

Nearly 400 families received a 25lb. box of food, a 15lb. box of healthcare items, and nursery books this afternoon in Durham. This is what humanity looks like. #ABC11

— DeJuan Hoggard (@DeJuanABC11) December 20, 2018

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care," said Rev. Mitchell L. Johnson, Executive Director for My Community Plan Foundation, per the ABC11 report. "It reminds us how much more of the work we have to do. But here we are pleased and honor to be able to serve."

This is one of many food-based initiatives Zakat Foundation takes with the intention of battling the issue of domestic and world hunger. For more information, read about Zakat Foundation’s US Against Hunger project. Donate to help Zakat Foundation implement more food distributions.