Zakat Foundation Begins Partnership with IMANA for Hurricane Relief

Zakat Foundation of America and Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) have committed financially to a partnership to assist Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina. IMANA is helping Zakat Foundation provide dry rations, cooked warm meals, cleaning supplies, hygiene kits, and clean-up operations.

Zakat Foundation has served more than 3,350 people since Hurricane Florence hit in early September. Zakat Foundation volunteers have spent more than 770 hours working to support Hurricane Florence victims in Durham, Fayetteville, New Bern, Chapel Hill, and Lumberton, all of which are in North Carolina.

Zakat Foundation’s North Carolina team used its location as a distribution center but also went out and distributed to those who could not leave home. In September alone, Zakat Foundation provided $12,500 in donated goods to those in need. Zakat Foundation’s hurricane relief project will be extended as it begins its partnership with IMANA, allowing an additional 4,500 people to receive hot meals, cleaning kits, and water, school supplies, canned goods and other necessities.

“God bless you,” said an elderly woman in Fayetteville who had food brought to her home. “We wanted to leave before the storm but were not able to go out due to my husband’s condition. Thank you so much for bringing food to us.”

Volunteers went from Raleigh and Durham to Lumberton to distribute warm food, canned food, water and snacks. It also rented bouncies and got cotton candy for the children. In a separate trip, Zakat Foundation volunteers distributed water, warm food, school supplies and cleaning kits in Lumberton, where 70 percent of the residents are below the poverty line. This town was also struck by Hurricane Matthew. Schools are still not open in the area, and two of them are still used as shelters.

Zakat Foundation volunteers also went to a senior home and cleaned up debris that had collected in the front and back yards. Cat Graham, the chief operations officer at Humanity road, contacted Zakat Foundation about helping them in Lumberton, where they set up a storm relief center at Allenton Community Center. They needed help unloading supplies, organizing, and distributing.

“Can I hug you?” asked an overwhelmed person who received food and cleaning supplies. “Thank you so much for doing this. You didn’t forget to get anything for us.”