Zakat Foundation of America Provides Over $2.5 Million in Aid to the Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

When the people of Syria began peacefully protesting in March 2011, the Syrian government responded with violence and civilian casualties. To date, there have been at least 14,000 documented casualties.

As the government crackdown continues, Syrians have fled to neighboring countries to settle temporarily. About 110,000 refugees have fled to Jordan, 27,000 more are in Turkey and 26,000 refugees are in Lebanon.

Zakat Foundation of America has been a dedicated supporter of Syrian refugees throughout this tumultuous time. Zakat Foundation of America's Syrian Crisis Humanitarian Relief was launched immediately in Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

Here is a brief description of some of our activities:

In Jordan:

    • Expanding our operations in Jordan to support tens of thousands of refugees by distributing food packages, blankets, mattresses and kitchen utensils

    • Helping refugees receive medical aid in several clinics

    • Providing dental care to refugees through Hijab Dental Clinic to many refugees who suffered dental fractures due to torture

    • Renting homes for refugees

In Turkey:

    • Delivering food packages, kitchen utensils and household items to refugees

    • Distributing hundreds of jilbab (women’s Islamic attire) and children’s clothes

    • Shipped a 40 foot container of clothes, shoes, blankets, school supplies, toys, medical supplies, personal care, and other emergency relief items valued at about $150,000 to refugees

In Lebanon:

    • Opened two clinics to provide free medicine and treatment for people who do not have the means to pay for medical care

    • Providing ongoing support at Al-Zahar and Al Shifa hospitals in Tripoli to refugees with life-threatening injuries

    • Distributing clothes, food packages, blankets, mattresses and kitchen utensils to refugees

    • Renting homes for refugees

In Syria:

    • Sending about 100 first aid kits each week directly to civilians

    • Distributing food packages, baby formula, hygiene items, diapers and other essential items that are greatly lacking in Syria

    • Here in the US, Zakat Foundation of America is sponsoring weekly fundraisers and donation drives in cities across the country to raise money for the people of Syria during this time of need. Zakat Foundation of America remains committed to providing emergency relief to the people of Syria to help rebuild the lives and communities of the Syrian people.

Donate to the Syria Emergency Relief Campaign and make a world of difference today.