Zakat Foundation of America Networks at the 6th Annual Global Activism Expo

On April 6th, Zakat Foundation of America was pleased to participate in the 6th Annual Global Activism Expo sponsored by National Public Radio (NPR) at University of Illinois-Chicago. Zakat Foundation of America represented one of the several organizations featured on Worldview within the last year. It was truly an honor to be part of such a dynamic and thought provoking event.

Participants interested in volunteering or simply seeking more information about Zakat Foundation of America trickled into our booth eager to ask questions or to give support. Jerome McDonnell, host of Worldview, checked out our booth and offered many words of encouragement and support to Zakat Foundation of America.

Many visitors were already familiar with the work of Zakat Foundation of America in various countries around the globe. At the Expo Zakat Foundation of America honed in on three major ongoing projects at the expo. Zakat Foundation Community Center–Chicago (Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC) with many ongoing, community programs received a lot of buzz.

Two Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC programs that people were talking about were:




    • The continuing violence awareness and mentoring programs


Zakat Foundation of America also promoted its upcoming Service Learning Trip to Ghana this summer. As well as, our current sustainable development campaigns with an emphasis on our One Year, 100 Wells campaign which continued to be a hot topic of discussion this year.

The expo featured many organizations that dealt directly with issues surrounding accessibility to clean water. Zakat Foundation of America featured our video Cholera: The Disaster Disease that depicts our ongoing efforts to combat cholera in Haiti. Along with that several topics of conversation this year included restorative and global justice. Zakat Foundation of America resonates many of the ideals focused around equality for all regardless of gender, race and socioeconomic class.

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