Time to Gain Inner Peace and Strength

In no way is Ramadan only about skipping food and staying hungry all day. If that were the case, Ramadan would have been ordained for the Muslims during difficult days in Mecca. In Mecca, Muslims were under an embargo, and did not have much food to eat. Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan was ordained in the second year of Hijra in Medina. Muslims in Medina were much stronger and able to obtain food. Why then was fasting ordained by Allah? Fasting was ordained for tarbiya al nafs (to teach self control of the ego). Fasting is training for the body, soul and spirit. It is a struggle in our inner world, to beautify and to purify.

When we are fasting and strengthening our body, we must strengthen our mind as well. We must increase our spirituality and decrease our materialistic needs during the holy month of Ramadan. Along with abstaining from food, we must stay away from any kind of sin. We must be well aware that sins can nullify our fasting. This includes both obvious and hidden sins. Sometimes without even noticing it, we get involved in lying, slandering, jealousy and greed. These are all sins from which we must stay away. If we do not, May God save us, but we have fasted for nothing. Prophet (pbuh) says: “There are those who get nothing from their fast but hunger. There are those who get nothing from their night prayers but loss of sleep.”

With determination, self control, constant prayers, regular remembrance of Allah (dhikr), and reading of Quran during Ramadan, we can reach spiritual purity, Insha’Allah. If this is achieved, then Ramadan will have its impact on you as a person and family. If this is achieved, Ramadan will be a month as valuable as the past 11 months of the year. We pray and ask our Lord Allah (swt) to help us to achieve that state of spirituality.