Giving Back to Chicago

Everyone from Chicago knows how cold the winters can become. Imagine a child without a proper winter coat who faces the freezing temperatures, icy winds, and heavy snowfall of the city. A comforting and warm jacket can make a powerful difference.

Recently, Zakat Foundation of America, in partnership with Restore Hope, organized a winter coat distribution on the south side of Chicago. The event took place at a youth center in the Inglewood neighborhood.

“The families were so warm and welcoming,” said Amina, US Programs Coordinator at Zakat Foundation of America. “You can tell the people didn’t have much, but they were very appreciative.” A main focus of the event was to deliver coats to single moms who could not afford it.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and Zakat Foundation,” exclaimed Tamara Walt. “I know firsthand how, as a mother, we often make sure our children’s needs are met and we are willing to go without as long as they are cared for.”

Leaving an Impact on Inglewood

On Nov. 23rd, Zakat Foundation of America once again returned to a community center in Inglewood to distribute turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving. Notarized, Inc. hosted the event and Zakat Foundation of America provided over 280 turkeys to community members.

“These turkeys mean so much to so many people,” stated Sally Peterson. “You never know there may be someone here who was relying on this one turkey that Zakat Foundation gave.”

“Most of these people wouldn’t have any meat to eat on Thanksgiving if it weren’t for Zakat Foundation,” said Dante Williams, Vice President of Notarized, Inc. “You are truly a God-send.”

Zakat Foundation of America is well known for various humanitarian campaigns around the world, but deems it equally important to support service programs in our own community. Zakat Foundation of America is greatly invested in neighborhoods across Chicago, and welcomes ideas for new and innovative campaigns. If you have an idea for a campaign, send an email outlining your plan to [email protected]

Editor's Note: Names have been changed to ensure privacy.