Syrian Refugee Crisis: YOU are all it takes

What does it feel like, when war destroys your home and makes rubble out of your streets, makes you live in tents and depend on scraps to eat?

What does it feel like?

For a child to lose her mother, a wife to lose her husband, for a little boy to lose the ability to walk, and for a community to lose their beloveds.

And what does it take, to cross the border on foot while the bombs are still audible? To start over and force yourself to believe a future is possible? What does it feel like to have the task to create a home from nothing — to start from scratch?

Now, what does it feel like?
When someone lends a hand in the form of a blanket or coal, in the form of a warm jacket, or therapy sessions that console. What does it feel like when someone gives: medical treatment, an education, or a place to live? What does it feel like? When your son finally begins to walk or someone gifts you a wheelchair or teaches you how to talk? What does it feel like to finally be independent — by learning a new skill and starting a business.

When someone finally shows you life is worth living and YOU are worth living it. When someone hugs you and reminds you what home felt like before you lost it.

I ask you — What does it feel like?
To be someone’s relief after migration — to heal and empower an entire generation. How much does it mean when everything is dark and someone turns. on. the. light? And would you believe me if I told you that YOU ARE are all it takes, that YOU can lift the night?

Look into their eyes and know … they are no different than you.

You see, the only true difference
between "us and them"
is where they were on this Earth and when.

In the ocean that divides us, extend a rope.
Be someone’s source of relief and help us give them hope.