She Prays For You

[caption id="attachment_19105" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Muslima, a blind Rohingya woman, is delighted to feel the warmth of your winter relief gift[/caption]

Muslima, pictured above, is a Rohingya woman. Born blind.

Her husband prized her. They had two sons. Then he died, leaving Muslima a widow raising orphans. She fell penniless.

Then the Burmese attacked her village. She lost both her sons. She fled. Walking 600 miles. Blind. Through jungle. To India.

Muslima owned one cloth. She shivered in the dark. On the ground. Unseeing.

Then one of you sent her a faux mink blanket. Thank you.

Her hands touched its softness. Tears spilled from blind eyes.

“God give you long life. You who sent me warmth.”

There is no veil between God and the prayer of the oppressed.

Let her prayers be for you.

Send $60 to cover the cold and crushed with our winter kits – and they will be!

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