A Report from the Fu-Xing School in China

Your donations touch the lives of high school students and their community in Gansu, one of China's poorest provinces. Our Chinese representative shared this story on how Zakat Foundation of America impacted the Gansu community:

Local Muslims founded our school to improve Muslims' education in an area where both educational and living conditions are far behind other regions. More than 90 percent of our graduating students continue to college and other schools of higher education.However, the government implements a policy of free education for primary and junior middle schools that does not allow us to collect fees from our students. Thus, we could not support ourselves and it was difficult to pay teachers' salaries. We lacked four months of salaries each school term.

Praise be to Allah (swt), the support from Zakat Foundation of America allowed us to pay our debts incurred from paying teachers' salaries. So far, Zakat Foundation of America has aided us in operating the school.

In 2007, Zakat Foundation of America assisted us in buying a mini van, which we use for daily school affairs. This has greatly improved our working conditions.

During every Ramadan and Udhiya/Qurbani Zakat Foundation of America brings toys to our community and school. Not only have our students enjoyed these precious and holy gifts, we shared these gifts with our neighboring communities in need. Zakat Foundation of America began offering us shares in 2005, a year after the school opened.

These programs have become part of our normal and joyful activities and all of us, including our Muslim neighbors, enjoy these gifts so much that we look forward to them every festival season.

Your donations are the key to supporting and expanding this Zakat Foundation of America educational and community-based success.