Public Radio International Spotlights Zakat Foundation’s Work in Haiti

Public Radio International Spotlights Zakat Foundation’s Work in HaitiIn March 2011, listeners to Public Radio International will be able to hear about Zakat Foundation of Americas’s (Zakat Foundation of America) work with children in Haiti. The program, America Abroad, will report on Muslim humanitarian work entitled, Alms in the Name of Allah. The show, which will air on public radio stations across the country, discusses Muslim humanitarian organizations and the work they are doing around the world. The radio program highlights Zakat Foundation of America’s support for an orphanage that was destroyed in the earthquake.

In 2008 Zakat Foundation of America began working to feed poor children in Haiti and was the first Muslim organization to respond to the devastating earthquake of January 2010. A year later, Zakat Foundation of America is still committed to improving conditions in the disadvantaged Caribbean country. It continues to carry out feeding programs, respond to crisis as they arise, and implements beneficial development projects throughout the country.

To listen to the show on, Alms in the Name of Allah on America Abroad’s website, click here