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Zakat Foundation In Syria

Our work in Syria predates the current crisis. However, it has grown dramatically since 2011 when the country exploded in a civil war. According to UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, more than 13.1 million Syrians, need immediate aid. Of that number, a staggering 5 million+ are children.

We have provided more than $13 million in direct aid and assistance with our Emergency Relief Program to distraught Syrians inside and outside the country. We invest millions more in Refugee Empowerment and free Health & Wellbeing services.

For our Education Program, we have eight Zakat Foundation primary and secondary schools. We employ nearly 150 teachers and staff in these schools.

Our relief experts go inside Syria to enroll new orphans in our growing Orphan Care Program. They often travel to dangerous locations. Orphan care includes total sponsorship of the children, including food, clothing, and all educational and health needs, and surviving mothers.

Zakat Foundation supports urgent and emergency care inside Syria, sponsoring medical professionals, providing equipment, medicines, and supplies; providing for generators, fuel, and other needs that make health care delivery possible. Recently (July 2020), COVID-19 has struck Syria. Zakat Foundation now seeks to provide PPE and other care to Syria’s vulnerable and displaced, as well as to its vanguard health care workers. The needs of Syrians, both inside and outside Syria, are growing dramatically, with no end in sight. Your compassionate generosity has never been more needed.

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Refugee Empowerment

Alleviating the needs of vulnerable families & children.

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Emergency Relief

Help victims of disaster & violent conflict recover and heal.

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Health & Wellbeing

Leading critical projects to heal bodies, minds, & souls.

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Providing access to education & creating powerful antidotes to unrest, distrust, & war.

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Orphan Care

Help care for children who can’t care for themselves.

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