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Statement on UNRWA from Zakat Foundation's CEO

The following statement from Zakat Foundation’s CEO was prepared for this UNRWA press release...Read more on the statement made from Executive Director, Khalil Demir.


Zakat Foundation Relief Mission Returns from Puerto Rico

Zakat Foundation of America’s team of medical and disaster relief professionals just completed a week-long aid distribution and medical effort in eight of Puerto Rico’s hardest hurricane hit.


Zakat Foundation to Send Third Emergency Aid Shipment to Puerto Rico's Hurricane Stricken

Local leaders, Latino neighbors, and the press see off Zakat Foundation of America’s third emergency aid shipment to Puerto Rico.


Zakat Foundation’s CEO Wins Lincoln Anti-Slavery Award

The Abolition Institute, a leading anti-slavery group, honored Zakat Foundation of America Executive Director Halil Demir with its highest award for “carrying on Abraham Lincoln’s legacy by fighting modern-day slavery.”


Volunteer Day: Chicagoans for Puerto Rico Relief

Zakat Foundation of America held it’s second “Volunteer Day” drawing over 100 youth who collectively prepared 1000 food packages for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.


Zakat Foundation of America Sends Aid to Puerto Rico

October 17, 2017– Zakat Foundation of America shipped hundreds of hygiene kits, gas cooktops, baby food and care kits to Puerto Rico to aid Hurricane Maria victims.


Stateless and Persecuted: Zakat Foundation of America Sends Aid to the Rohingyas

Zakat Foundation of America’s first responders are on the grounds along the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Team members are serving the Rohingya who have fled the devastating trauma in Myanmar.


Volunteer Days: Strengthening Our Faith Through Charity; Binding Faith and Service

CHICAGO, August 24, 2017 — Zakat Foundation of America will kick off a new monthly series, “Volunteer Days,” at the Zakat Foundation of America Unity Center.


Response to Hurricane Irma

In response to Irma, Zakat Foundation of America quickly mobilized a team of staff and volunteers to assess the damages and take action in Florida.

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Zakat Foundation of America Contributes to a Safer Chicago “Be Ready to Protect Them”

Zakat Foundation of America partnered with First Defense Legal Aid (FDLA) to sponsor, produce and distribute a “Be Ready to Protect Them” campaign.


Zakat Foundation of America Initiates Chicagoans For Texas Relief Effort with the ‘Caravan of Love'

CHICAGO, SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 — In response to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Zakat Foundation of America mobilized an emergency relief response team.


Zakat Foundation of America Initiates Chicagoans For Texas Relief Effort with the ‘Caravan of Love’

Zakat Foundation of America responds to Hurricane Harvey with emergency relief efforts, including the transportation of humanitarian aid to Houston, Texas.