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See how the coronavirus is changing life on LI, in NYC during June 2020 Part 1

See the latest pictures from around the region during the coronavirus outbreak for the month of June 2020 Part 1.

Zakat Foundation Delivers St. Louis Refugees & Church Communities Fresh-Food Relief in Wake of George Floyd Killing, Crackdowns, Curfew

Zakat Foundation of America will haul in a truckload of farm-fresh produce for free distribution Friday, June 5 for North St. Louis refugees and other families in need.

ABD'deki camiler ve İslami kuruluşlarda sanal bayram hazırlığı

EW YORK (AA) - MÜCAHİT OKTAY - ABD'de yaşayan Müslümanlar pazar günü idrak edilecek Ramazan Bayramı'na hazırlanırken, yeni tip koronavirüs (Kovid-19) nedeniyle alternatif bayram kutlaması ve programları düzenlenecek.

Caring Causes: Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Foundation is delivering a refrigerated trailer full of fresh produce and food to the beleaguered poor locked in neighborhoods shut down by state curfew.

Charity sends 18,000 lbs. of food to St. Louis

The Zakat Foundation is delivering refugees in St. Louis and church communities fresh food in the wake of protests says a report from the foundation.

In Minneapolis, a quiet army of generosity gains strength

As the world sees images of soldiers and armored vehicles patrolling Minneapolis streets, an even larger army is quietly gathering strength.

Watch: Brother Ali’s Full Eid In Place Mini-Concert

Last Sunday, Twin Cities favorite\_Brother Ali\_performed a mini-set as part of\_Eid in Place, a benefit for\_Zakat Foundation of America.

Zakat Foundation to Distribute Produce Boxes Today to Refugees and Families in North St. Louis

Zakat Foundation of America will be in North St. Louis distributing fresh fruit and vegetables to Somali, Iraqi and Syrian refugee communities and low-income families.

Zakat Foundation to give away food

The Zakat Foundation will be distributing 22 pallets of produce at the Lumberton Islamic Center Thursday and Friday.

Zakat Gives Fresh Food

Zakat Foundation of America will transport 23 tons of farm-fresh produce to New York for free distribution to low-income families, the jobless, and undocumented.

Charity group delivers 18 tons of fresh produce to Minneapolis community

Tuesday, a huge refrigerated truck filled with 18 tons of fresh produce from Chicago was brought in by a Muslim charity group who saw people in need

Charity group delivers 18 tons of fresh produce to Minneapolis community

With grocery stores closed down around the Twin Cities metro area, people there don’t have a place to get their food.So, nonprofits are teaming up and working together to hand out fresh produce and essential items to those who need it.