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Yemen: Ramadan 2018

Yemen Ramadan 2018 - These photos show your Yemen Ramadan gifts, which were delivered with love and care.

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Your Ramadan Gifts Across the World

Across the world, your Zakat and sadaqah gifts are feeding life-saving iftar meals to more than 33,000 poor, hungry refugees, orphans, and victims of war and drought every single Ramadan day.

Ramadan Mubarak From the World

Ramadan Mubarak from our beneficiaries around the world! Ramadan Mubarak From the World. Last year, you helped us feed 8 million meals. This time, our target is 10 million. Help us achieve this goal, donate here!

Dear Rohingya, From Your Ummah

Zakat Foundation Volunteers raised nearly $50,000 for food, water and medicine to aid the more than 780,000 Rohingya Muslims suffering from trauma and torture of a brutal genocide.  

Ramadan Mubarak from Syria

Empower 10 Million Lives this Ramadan

Before he became Executive Director of Zakat Foundation of America (ZFA), From a young age, Mr. Demir understood first-hand what it means to struggle with poverty and hunger.

Our Humanitarian Mission in Puerto Rico

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Zakat Foundation of America mobilized a team of medical and disaster relief professionals for a week long aid distribution and medical effort in eight Puerto Rico communities that were hit hardest by the storm.

The Dreams of Syria's Children

President Bush Thanks Zakat Foundation of America for Serving People of Houston

President George H.W. Bush Personally Thanks Zakat Foundation for Serving the People of Houston.

Khalil Center Psychologist Visits Syrian Mental Health Clinics

Khalil Center Psychologist Visits Syrian Mental Health Clinics

Day for the Hungry: Mecca Center Hosts Zakat Foundation of America Volunteer Day

ZF Volunteer Day on January 26, 2018, this time in partnership with The Mecca Center. Volunteers packed and delivered lunches for Chicago's needy, homeless and elderly. A whopping 300 young volunteers from The Mecca MVMT youth

Water Well Program Expands in India & Pakistan