Nature’s Remedy for Winter’s Chill

Every season, far too many families are forced to meet the creeping onset of winter without sufficient supplies. While Zakat Foundation of America’s winter programs provide a range of different relief items to meet this need, from heavy coats to electric heaters, sometimes nature itself provides the most effective, simple means for warming comfort. Good firewood is one such means: easy to ignite and long-lasting, its slow burn can keep a family warm through bitter winter nights.

It is with this in mind that Zakat Foundation of America recently coordinated with its partners on November 20th to distribute heavily loaded packages of firewood to over 230 families in Kabul, Afghanistan. Constantly plagued with conflict, even in the capital of the country, the people of Afghanistan are often deprived of access to basic but vital goods as supply lines are interrupted and a general sense of anxiety makes a challenge of daily life. It is especially in such situations that we must reach our brothers and sisters in need around the world with the warmth of compassion, and the same sense of obligation with which we view our own families.

Please consider donating to Zakat Foundation of America’s winter kits program and spread the warmth of compassion today.