My Fellow Faster

A new moon glimmers above us.

Bearing us back to a Ramadan no Muslim remembers.

To fast its days. Then pray its nights.


Like the Prophet, on him be peace.

One step outside his simple sackcloth door.

Or his saintly Companions. Humbled at home.

Hallowing holy nights. Deep, in the “Prayer of Intervals.” Salat at-Tarawih.

Heaven has brought us to telling days.

A virus roves free. We shelter in place.

     What, then, is God reminding us?

That He is One.

And we, His earthly creation.

That He alone is the Self-Sufficient.

And we, the poor in need of Him.

That He set Earth in balance for all

and we have offset it, with the avarice of our souls.

Vying in wealth. Adornments. Boasting

though the life of this world is fleeting. Distracting. Beguiling.


Our real life is the one to come. With God.

And it is far better. And everlasting.

But after what?

Earthly accountability: What we do here matters there.

Moral responsibility: For every single human heart. We are Adam’s children.

     Humanity is one. And every soul shall taste death … then

Divine Judgment: Did we take the steep road?

And do you realize what is the steep road?

  • It is offering food on a day of starvation.

  • Giving to an orphan, who is a relative.

  • Or a poor one, down in the dust.

Pay your Zakat today

Pay Your Zakat Ramadan is the best month for it.

Pay your fidya compensation if you can’t fast here.

Pay your Kaffara if you have deliberately missed a Ramadan fasting day here.

Pay your Zakat Al-Fitr – a Ramadan obligation for all – here

Ramadan’s moon has come. O Allah! Crescent it over us.
With favor. With faith. With safety. With Islam.

Give this Ramadan with no fear, nor grief. This is the promise of God.