Mayor Bill de Blasio Thanks Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Foundation of America was a proud co-sponsor of the Ramadan Iftar dinner, hosted at the historic Gracie Mansion in Manhattan. We thank the city of New York and its mayor, Bill de Blasio for hosting such an important event, and we are proud to receive this letter of recognition from his office.

Guests at the dinner included prominent Muslim-American leaders, as well as the Consul-Generals of Bangladesh, Turkey, Kosovo, and Pakistan.

Cheryl McCray, the first lady of New York, who is very passionate about supporting those with mental health, said she heard about Zakat Foundation of America’s Khalil Center project and is interested in collaborating.

With a brand new office in Manhattan, Zakat Foundation of America hopes to expand its humanitarian mission through additional programs and services. As an organization, Zakat Foundation of America is glad to receive the support from progressive political figures such as Mayor de Blasio and looks forward to working with the mayor’s office.