Mali Officials Express Gratitude for Medical Supplies

Recently, Zakat Foundation of America completed its medical shipment to its partner organization in Mali. The arrival of much needed medical supplies was celebrated with a ceremony that included Mali’s Ministry of Health, including Professor Ibrahima Samba Sow.

“I am very impressed with the humility and simplicity with which this donation is made,” stated Sow. “There was no excessive decorum nor excessive publicity or show despite the important value. Just the required visibility to show donors that the donation took place. This demonstrates the true spirit of zakat.”  

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There were an additional 60 people present at the reception, including heads of medical departments, doctors from across the country, hospital administration, as well as local and media outlets.
Zakat Foundation of America’s contribution of medical supplies hopes to alleviate some of the issues facing Mali’s hospitals and looks forward to future healthcare initiatives in the country.