Livestock Development Project for Malian Refugees

In the West African country of Mali, ongoing violence has led to massive displacement as Malians flee their homes for safety. Over 300,000 people are currently internally displaced inside Mali, and over 400,000 are taking refuge in neighboring countries.

In Burkina Faso, over 60,000 Malians are now residing in refugee camps. Zakat Foundation of America has been providing Emergency Relief to the Malian people since August 2012 and a Livestock Development Project is now underway.

Hundreds of goats and sheep have been distributed to Malian families living inside the refugee camps. The project is meant to normalize life in refugee camps and to psychologically reduce stress on the residents.

Zakat Foundation of America has been working in conjunction with UNHCR to provide supplies to Malian refugees. During Ramadan and Udhiya/Qurbani Zakat Foundation of America also distributed food packages to food deprived families. In December 2012, Zakat Foundation of America deployed a team to Bamako, Mali to provide relief to the internally displaced who have been neglected by other relief organizations.

Please donate today. Your financial donation helps Zakat Foundation of America provide relief to the people of Mali during the current political crisis.