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When there is nothing left to steal. They'll ensure your breath is stolen


Heal the Community

Humanity Above All Else

Humanity above all else, that’s what we stand for. We simply can’t rest when we see the injustices faced by our brothers and sisters in humanity. Zakat Foundation of America has stood with the oppressed for nearly two decades, and now is no time for us to rest and stay silent.

“Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and God.”

Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace.

Zakat Foundation is proud to be among the first Muslim organizations to offer food security to devastated communities in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area. 
Other communities proudly helped are St. Louis, MO, Durham, NC, Lumberton, NC, Rowland, NC, Darlington, SC, New Hyde Park, NY.

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Closely Partnering with Two Key Minneapolis Non-profit Organizations

We are honored to announce two key Minneapolis based nonprofit partners — Al-Maa’uun and Building Blocks of Islam. We are working closely with Imam Makram El-Amin, Al-Maa’uun’s executive director, and Afzal Syed Mohammed, chief coordinator for Building Blocks of Islam, to ensure the communities they serve are not forgotten.

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Bringing Aid and Healing to St. Paul-Minneapolis

Zakat Foundation has committed to deliver over 18 tons of food-aid with family-sized fresh-food boxes containing 25 lbs. of nourishing produce, including tomatoes, apples, oranges, cucumbers, lettuce, celery, carrots, asparagus, onions, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

In addition, Zakat Foundation will also distribute non-perishable dry good packages to people in need that include rice noodles, cereals, flour, sugar, tea and more.

Zakat Foundation is swiftly bringing this much-needed aid to minority communities impacted by police brutality in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. Our team is hard at work building partnerships to help distribute this aid, especially to food deserts. We are activating our Minneapolis humanitarian networks to make an immediate impact —

The small but vital businesses — mostly owned by African Americans and immigrants who live and work in the community — have been burned down and vandalized by outside instigators, leaving the most vulnerable people without easy access to healthy food options and essentials.

Zakat Foundation relief specialists are gearing up for immediate food aid distribution to quickly supply people with urgent food needs.

This unrest has hit Minneapolis at a precarious time. The city remains caught in a rising coronavirus pandemic tide. Hennepin County, which holds Minneapolis, faces the dismantling of local businesses and infrastructure in these already impoverished neighborhoods.

YOU CAN HELP. Help us respond quickly to the multiple levels of humanitarian need, all of which come down to the most human of rights — food, health and justice.



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Zakat Foundation of America’s Halil Demir Offering Aid to Minneapolis

Zakat Foundation of America’s Halil Demir offers fresh food and PPE to vulnerable Minneapolis communities who need it.

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Zakat Foundation of America Assists in Aid to Minneapolis

Zakat Foundation of America volunteers assists in distributing fresh food and other aid to affected communities in Minneapolis.

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