Humanitarian Relief for Syrian Crisis

As we all know the situation in Syria becomes more tense and violent by the day. The government of Syria has responded to peaceful demonstration with excessive force.

In many cities, especially cities such as Diraa and Homs, security forces use violence against peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately. The official number of people who have lost their lives reached over a thousand, while many more thousands are injured. Most of the injured do not seek medical treatment in hospitals because of fear of arrest by security forces. In many cases, those who sought medical attention were no longer heard from upon arriving to hospitals.

While we are writing this appeal, thousands of people have been arrested. Only in Diraa over nine thousand people, including the Imam of Omar mosque has been arrested. Due to fear of being killed or arrested, many Syrians are seeking refuge in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Since the beginning of the conflict all of our offices and representatives in the Middle East stood by to provide help to our Syrian brothers and sisters. By the grace of Allah we are doing our best to provide humanitarian relief to our Syrian brothers and sisters as much as we can.

Our Zakat Foundation of America representative in Lebanon, Sheik Ghaleb, described the situation at the border as "escalating and dangerous." Sheik Ghaleb further says:

"Most of Syrians here are still in fear of be arrested even in Lebanon. Every one of them left in rush and left everything behind. It is obvious they we were running to save their lives. So they need everything; from food to shelter, from baby formula to basic medical care."

Today we ask you, our beloved donors, please extend your hand to our Syrian brothers and sisters. They need your help. We are our doing our best, but we cannot do it without your support. Please support our relief efforts for Syrians. We hope the days covered with dark clouds of injustice will disappear and hope will be restored. Until then, we all have to do our part to help Syrians.