Grateful Prayers Arise from Newly Constructed Mosque in Kenya

When the rain dripped through the roof of their mosque, the humble brothers and sisters of Lwakhakha, in Bungoma County, Kenya, still gathered beneath it to thank Allah for His bounty. When their minaret was crumbling, they still answered the call to prayer that rang out from it.

How much more grateful must their prayers be now that they have a new mosque with pristine water in which to wash off the dust of the world, a graceful minaret from which the call to prayer is raised, and a sturdy roof under which they are sheltered from the elements?

By the grace of Allah (swt) and the generosity of Zakat Foundation of America donors, construction on the mosque in Lwakhakha began in September, 2013, and was finished by the end of the year. The blessings for these donors will continue for as long as the faithful continue to enter this mosque to raise their faces, hands and voices in praise of the Almighty.

Your generous sadaqa jariyah donation benefits impoverished communities in ways that will continue for many years, laying the foundation for greater stability, peace and prosperity for generations to come.