Your Ramadan Gifts Already at Their Doorsteps

Our workers are delivering your blessed zakat and sadaqa gifts in nearly 50 countries across the world, every single Ramadan day.

Your life-saving iftar meals are reaching the drought-afflicted in Somalia, the famished in Yemen, the persecuted and displaced Rohingya in India and Bangladesh, the widowed and orphaned in Syria, the vulnerable unaccompanied minors in Kenya, the besieged and occupied in Palestine, and the poor families living on less than $2 a day in Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bosnia, Haiti, Venezuela, Ghana, Ethiopia and more.

Your gift of a 55lb food package feeds a family for the month of Ramadan. Ali, a Rohingya refugee in India, tells us the food package allows him to enjoy Ramadan without the overwhelming, daily anxiety about having food for his family at sundown. Read more about the lives you’ve already touched this Ramadan: Nazmunissa’s story, Eyad’s story, Mohammad’s story, Nurul’s story