Flooding Emergency in Refugee Camps in Lebanon

flooded camps hero

The situation in Syrian refugee camps is dire. Imagine fleeing a war with the few possessions you have, only to have ALL what remains destroyed instantly. Imagine fleeing for your lives only to find your lives are still in danger and survival is unlikely. This is the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon right now. They need your help!

Flimsy tents could not withstand the torrential rains that have flooded Syrian refugee camps in Arsal and Bekaa in Lebanon. From stinging winds, freezing conditions, and now flash flooding, Syrian refugees have endured their harshest winter yet.

Without proper shelters with roofing or insulation, more than 15,000 Syrian refugees in the city of Arsal alone are forced to live in conditions that leave them vulnerable to subzero temperatures and flooding. The prolonged flooding has endangered a vulnerable population to disease, mold, and more. Won’t you help bring life-saving relief? Zakat Foundation has already sent thousands of dollars to help these innocent victims. Please help us provide these desperate Syrian refugees with fuel for heating, food, clothes, heaters, plastic sheets, boots, mattresses and pillows, blankets, and more.