Executive Director Coordinating Syrian Relief in the Middle East

As the situation in Syria gets worse every day, the need for humanitarian aid for Syrians and Syrian refugees continues to grow. The Executive Director of Zakat Foundation of America, Khalil Demir, is currently in the Middle East to coordinate, assess and evaluate our current efforts in the region.

Mr. Demir made his first stop in Akkar, Lebanon at Al Rahma II, one of two free clinics in the country run by Zakat Foundation of America. Patients and medical personnel gave the Executive Director a warm welcome and expressed their gratitude for all the work Zakat Foundation of America is currently doing for Syrian refugees. Al Rahma II is located so close to the Syrian border that you can see Syrian homes from the clinic. The clinic opened in September 2011 and since then, has served over 5,500 Syrian refugees.

Zakat Foundation of America is currently renting 212 homes in the region, providing a safe place to live for over 1,200 displaced Syrians. We have 52 homes in Syria, 100 homes in Jordan, 10 homes in Turkey and 50 homes in Lebanon.

Mr. Demir made another stop in Tripoli, Lebanon, to visit residents of the rental homes and to hear their tragic stories about what they’ve dealt with since the political turmoil began in Syria. Their lives have been so full of pain and loss that most people cannot even imagine.

Since March 2011, Zakat Foundation of America has provided close to $3M in aid to Syrians in Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. Some of our activities include:

  • In Syria: Sending 100 first aid kits each week directly to civilians and distributing food packages, baby formula, hygiene items, diapers and other essential items.

  • In Jordan: Providing dental care, through Hijab Dental Clinic, to refugees who suffered dental fractures from torture.

  • In Turkey: Sending a 40 foot container of clothes, shoes, blankets, school supplies, toys, medical supplies, personal care, and other emergency relief items valued at about $150,000 to refugees.

  • In Lebanon: Providing ongoing support at Al-Zahar and Al Shifa hospitals in Tripoli to refugees with life-threatening injuries, and opening two free clinics for refugees.

Zakat Foundation of America is committed to providing Emergency Relief to the Syrian people and Mr. Demir’s presence in the region is an effort to expand and strengthen our presence there. "This tragedy has shattered the lives of millions,” Mr. Demir states, “and we hope it will come to an end soon."

Please help the people of Syria and donate today.