Zakat Foundation of America’s Feeds Displaced in Libya

Zakat Foundation of America’s Feeds Displaced in Libya

Ramadan is a time for sharing and this Ramadan Zakat Foundation of America worked in countries all over the world, providing warm Iftar meals, food packages and Eid gifts to orphan children.

Libya, a country that has recently seen revolution, is now under political reconstruction and is one of the 38 countries where Zakat Foundation of America worked this Ramadan. Food packages were distributed to families originally from the city of Tawergha, that are now displaced and living in temporary camps.

These families were forced from their homes during the revolution due to conflict in the region. On observation, Zakat Foundation of America found that the living conditions in the camps are dirty and cramped.

The inhabitants of the camps live in metal containers and trailers with limited access to food and water. The majority of the people living in the camps are children, females and elderly people. Zakat Foundation of America was able to provide food packages to feed about 450 people in a camp in Benghazi.

Zakat Foundation of America also distributed food packages that provided food to another 150 Libyans in need. Each food package contained enough food to last the month of Ramadan and included items such as cheese, jam and lentils.

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