ZF Volunteers Ready for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Work

ZF Volunteers Ready for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Work

Hurricane Sandy is a Category 1 hurricane carrying 80-mile-per-hour winds on the East Coast, affecting a region of about 50 million people. States that are in the path of the hurricane are Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

Millions of people are without power, schools have been closed, subways have been shut down and workers have been told to stay at home at home with their loved ones.

According to authorities, at least 16 deaths have been confirmed or are being investigated as related to the storm. Over 8 million people are without power from Sandy and officials say the power in Manhattan could be out for days.

Zakat Foundation of America is officially a member of the DEVOAD (Delaware Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). Br. Rafig, an expert in disaster relief, is training volunteers for disaster prep and response. ZF is also currently working with FEMA to provide food packages to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

What can you do:

    • Pray for the victims and families affected by Hurricane Sandy.
    • Call relatives and friends in the affected area and find out if they need assistance.
    • If you live on the east Coast and would like to volunteer please contact our East Coast Office in Delaware at 708-466-3369. You can also follow our progress on Facebook.
    • Please donate to help our nation recover during this time of disaster.

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