Zakat Foundation of America Serves Humanity throughout the Holy Month

“I have never seen such food items in my life,” a grateful Abdul Mulla said upon receiving the food packages provided by Zakat Foundation of America. Abdul Mulla is a 65-year-old man living alone in the Kundgol village of Karnataka, India who scrapes out a living by digging many graves at the rate of less than a dollar. Many others like Abdul Mulla have especially benefited from the generosity of Zakat Foundation of America donors during the holy month of Ramadan.

Islam is a faith that encourages all to help the oppressed, the malnourished, and the marginalized. This is the sentiment and the value that established Zakat Foundation of America in 2001 and continues to be at the heart of its efforts every day. This year during the holy month of Ramadan, Zakat Foundation of America has reached out to families around the world that struggle with basic necessities. These beneficiaries include people with disabilities, widows, chronically ill children, and orphans.

With the goal of providing six million meals around the world that can sustain families for at least a month, food aid distributions were carried out in over 40 countries, including Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Ghana, Kenya, Burkina Faso, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

In order to identify people who would benefit greatly from this initiative, local communities and religious leaders recommended households in their areas that meet a specific criteria in regards to need. Distributions took place at various places within communities, such as local mosques, where people gathered and received their food packages. Beneficiaries were full of smiles and gratitude.

Sogra, a recipient in India, says, “On behalf of my family, I thank you so much. We will pray for the donors and their families. May Allah bless them and their families.”

In addition to providing food aid, sharing the joy of Eid with orphaned children is also close to the heart of Zakat Foundation of America. Every child deserves to celebrate on a joyous occasion. This year, orphans in 10 countries will receive Eid gifts in places such as Bosnia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Palestine, India, Kenya, Syria, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Despite the unfortunate life situation of these children, they will have something to look forward to this Eid by the grace of Allah (swt).

Zakat Foundation of America is grateful to the generous donors that have made these efforts possible and, always, to Allah (swt) as the ultimate Provider. The food aid distributions have been a tremendous gesture, especially for those individuals who have never had an adequate supply of this basic necessity. May Allah (swt) reward the efforts of everyone involved and inspire us to continue serving our sisters and brothers in need beyond the holy month. Ameen.

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