Zakat Foundation of America Rushes Emergency Aid to Somali Cyclone Survivors

As the eyes of the world were fixed on the menacing progress of Typhoon Haiyan towards the Philippines, another destructive storm was ravaging northeastern Somalia. On November 9, 2013, one of the two deadliest tropical cyclones in Somali history hit the Puntland and Lower Shabelle regions and stayed for two devastating days. As the storm departed, 140 lay dead, 300 people were missing, bridges and roads were washed out and vast tracts of farmland was destroyed.

Although it seemed the world’s attention was elsewhere, Zakat Foundation of America quickly partnered with the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA) in order to deliver essential supplies to the region’s neediest survivors.

Representatives of ARAHA Mogadishu traveled to Jowhar, Eyl, Beyla, Dangorayo and Hafun districts to distribute food and non-food supplies to families who had lost loved ones and livestock in the cyclone, primarily subsistence farmers whose farms have been destroyed by the floods. Each of 100 households received a food basket containing 55 pounds each of flour and rice, 22 pounds of sugar, and 1.5 gallons of cooking oil; two blankets, and two mosquito nets for prevention of malaria.

When two major natural disasters hit at the same time, Zakat Foundation of America gives thanks to Allah for the generosity of donors who care so deeply about the needy worldwide. Without your loving donations, none of the emergency aid Zakat Foundation of America gives would be delivered. Please continue to support Zakat Foundation of America emergency aid so that when the need arises, we will be there.

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