ZF Responds to Hurricane Sandy

ZF Responds to Hurricane Sandy

As the physical damage caused by Hurricane Sandy begins to be assessed, the emotional damage cannot be justly measured. The storm took the lives of at least 55 people along the Atlantic Coast and destroyed beachfront homes from the Mid-Atlantic States to southern New England.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said a full recovery would take months, at least, and it would likely be a week or more before power is restored to the over 8 million people who lost it.

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is in New York working with victims of Hurricane Sandy.

      We are:
    • Mobilizing about a dozen volunteers by going door-to-door and making phone calls to help those affected by the hurricane.
    • Volunteers are distributing food to people who do not have power in neighborhoods in New York including Long Island, Hicksville, Westbury and Hempstead as well as to areas in New Jersey and Delaware.
    • Delivering meals to hurricane victims. About 50 discounted meals have been purchased and volunteers are able to pick up meals and deliver them to neighbors.
    • Helping people register with FEMA to get federal help for food and other necessities. The emergency contact number is (800) 621.FEMA.3362.
    • Working with other agencies in New York and New Jersey including the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), Police Departments, Fire Departments and the Nasssau County Mayor’s Office.

Please keep the victims of Hurricane Sandy in your prayers and donate today to keep those affected warm and fed during these next few weeks.

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