ZF Representative Meets with Somali Government in Kenya

ZF Representative Meets with Somali Government in Kenya

ZF Representative Meets with Somali Government in Kenya

For several years, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) has provided humanitarian support to address the issues facing Somalis and Somali refugees in Kenya. Since the devastating famine crisis in 2011, ZF has continued to provide humanitarian relief work through food distribution programs in Dadaab Camp and Somalia.

On Monday, October 1, a ZF Representative in Kenya met with officials at the Somali Embassy to discuss future plans to establish a ZF office in the region.

Our Representative received a warm welcome and presented ZF’s plans for a new office in Kenya which include:

    • Plans to establish a physical presence in the region and reach out to help those in need.
    • Our Udhiya/Qurbani 2012 plans to deliver food packages during the up-coming Eid- ul-Adha in Dadaab refugee camps and in Gedo, a region of Somalia.

Officials of the Somali Embassy showed great appreciation. Mr. Ali Mohamed (Acting Ambassador) shared his experience when recently visiting the Dadaab refugee camps along with the Libyan Ambassador to Kenya. He talked about the sad living conditions of the people in the camps, and says nursing mothers, children and the elderly are those who are most vulnerable in the camps. He added that he is glad to see an organization like ZF taking action in the region.

Ali-Nur Skeikh Ibrahim (Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) was also present at the meeting and he offered his support for ZF in the mainland of Somalia.
Honorable Bishar Ugas Ibrahim, a member of parliament from the Gedo region of Somalia, was among the participants of the meeting as well. He was very glad to be able attend and meet with the ZF staff. He talked at length about how grateful he is that ZF is willing to help the people of his constituency and thanked ZF for its recent food distribution in Gedo during the month of Ramadan.

With the support of local government officials, ZF plans to establish an office in Kenya in the upcoming months.

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