ZF Provides Iftar for Hundreds at Brooklyn Masjid

As the afternoon sun cast its final rays of light upon New York City, hundreds broke their fast at Masjid Taqwa, a well-known Islamic center in Brooklyn.

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) provided the iftar, the traditional meal on which Muslims break their fast, to more than 700 people. After prayer, attendees enjoyed a meal of seasoned rice with chicken or fish. Ice cream was served as dessert.

This is the seventh year ZF has provided iftar at Masjid Taqwa, also popularly known as Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s masjid. It is considered one of the busiest and most vibrant masjids in America. The mosque easily reaches full capacity at prayer times.

“I have been coming to this masjid every Ramadan,” said one of the beneficiaries. “I have seen only you guys have been providing iftar consistently every year. May Allah (SWT) reward you and your donors.”

“ZF is committed to help people in the inner-cities,” said Mr. Murat Kose, ZF’s East Coast Programs Director. “We hope to address any needs at Masjid Taqwa and will continue to do that.”