Zakat Foundation of America Promotes Education Initiatives at ISNA 2014

Zakat Foundation of America Promotes Education Initiatives at ISNA 2014

Zakat Foundation of America highlighted its current educational initiatives over Labor Day Weekend at the Islamic Society of North America 2014 Conference with “Give a Gift, Get a Gift,” which rewarded new orphan and education sponsors with a backpack full of school supplies for a child in their community.

Education is so essential in creating a brighter future for children, families and communities that Zakat Foundation of America and its generous donors want to make sure every child and adult who needs help buying supplies, paying school fees or learning skills for life gets what they need.

In the United States, low-income children receive sports equipment and backpacks full of supplies lovingly packed by Zakat Foundation of America volunteers. In Gaziantep, Turkey, Syrian refugee children attend Zakat Foundation of America-sponsored schools. In Zakat Foundation of America-sponsored schools and orphanages around the world, children learn to read and write under the eye of caring teachers.

In countries around the world, the recipients of livestock gifts during Ramadan were first educated on the proper care and feeding of the sheep, goats and cows they received. In Kenya and Bangladesh, mothers gain vocational skills they need to support their children. In Ghana, Zakat Foundation of America microcredit lending and agricultural training has launched women’s agricultural collectives that have created economic stability for their families and communities.

If you did not attend ISNA 2014 or you were not able to stop by the Zakat Foundation of America booth, it is not too late to be part of educational programs that are making the world a better place. Donate today for a brighter tomorrow.

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