ZF Maintains Syrian Relief Efforts as Crisis Continues

ZF Maintains Syrian Relief Efforts as Crisis Continues

ZF Maintains Syrian Relief Efforts as Crisis Continues

ZF is working at fully capacity to reach out to Syrian refugees fleeing the current political unrest in Syria. When the turmoil began we established a presence about 1 km from the Syrian border with Lebanon, and more recently, we organized our relief efforts at the Turkish border. In coordination of the Turkish Red Crescent, there has been distributions of food, water and volunteer crews have been established to help the estimated 10,000 people who have fled Syria in recent weeks.

Refugees have reported witnessing sniper killings and beatings by Syrian security forces. Others reported crawling to the border for safety because of the presence of tanks and snipers. Nearly 1,500 people have been killed in the unrest. Injured people seeking medical attention have been allegedly detained by Syrian security forces.

Due to ZF’s established presence in this region before this crisis, we were able to mobilize quickly to supply basic medical care to those who have been injured in the turmoil. Yet, the situation in Syria continues to worsen and the need for assistance becomes dire as thousands more wait to cross into safety. Many are women and children.

ZF representative in Lebanon stated that the refugees “left in a rush, leaving everything behind…so they need everything: from food to shelter, from baby formula to basic medical care.” We are providing food, water, and medical assistance to these refugees who have nothing. We are doing our best to continue to provide humanitarian relief to our Syrian sisters and brothers.

Please continue to pray for the people of Syria, and donate now to help us sustain our efforts until peace is restored.

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