Zakat Foundation of America Joins Eid Fest in Philadelphia

Zakat Foundation of America took part in the 4th Annual Eid Fest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event was organized by Iqra Institute, an organization advocating education, community activities, and social services.

The fest attracted a large number of American Muslims celebrating the joyous Eid holiday. Eid takes place at the end of Ramadan and is considered one of the holiest days of the year for the global Muslim community. It is often celebrated by spending the day with family and friends.  

At Eid Fest, families indulged in shopping, eating, and participating in games and activities. Zakat Foundation of America’s East Coast team was present at the shopping bazaar where many families visited the booth to learn about the organization’s current campaigns including refugee resettlement and orphan sponsorship.

“It is nice to hear people tell us how much they appreciate Zakat Foundation’s work in Bangladesh and Turkey,” said Mr. Murat Kose, Zakat Foundation of America’s East Coast Director. “Even little kids would stop by to donate what they had in their little pockets.”

Zakat Foundation of America’s refugee resettlement program is currently providing aid to Rohingya families in India, as well being the main sponsor of the Rohingya Culture Center (RCC) in Chicago. The RCC is considered to be one of the only Rohingya community centers in the United States. Zakat Foundation of America also continues to assist Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and the U.S.

The Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP) also continues to expand thanks to the wonderful efforts of Zakat Foundation of America’s youth volunteers. Every year, these volunteers sponsor nearly 100 orphans in need.  

In latest news, Zakat Foundation of America is set to open a new office located in Manhattan. The New York office will further enable Zakat Foundation of America to expand humanitarian programs along the East Coast, as well as bring it closer to leading international humanitarian organizations based in New York City.