Zakat Foundation of America Hosts July 4th BBQ in Nation’s Capital

Zakat Foundation of America Hosts July 4th BBQ in Nation’s Capital

Zakat Foundation of America hosted its 5th annual Fourth of July BBQ at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum in Washington D.C. attracting more than 300 attendees.

“This is totally different from other Eid events as most of the attendees are non-Muslims,” said Mr. Murat Kose, Zakat Foundation of America’s East Coast Director. “We are feeding the community in the spirit of Eid combined with Fourth of July festivities. I told people we are celebrating two Eids – one for Eid al-Fitr and the other one is for Fourth of July.”  

The menu included halal hamburgers and hot dogs right off the grill along with a variety of vegetables and fruits. The food was partly sponsored by Forum USA, a Turkish-English newspaper based in New York.

The annual BBQ cookout originally started as an Ramadan iftar, however, the community enjoyed the event so much they made it into a yearly program.

“The number has definitely increased,” added Mr. Kose. “Next year, we would like to add a moon bounce and other games for the kids.”

“Thank you, Zakat Foundation of America and the donors, for feeding the community on a regular basis,” said Amir Mohammad, Director at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum.

Established in 1996, America’s Islamic Heritage Museum is dedicated to preserving and fostering educational community engagement programs and opportunities that provide access to, and understanding of, the history of Muslim Americans. It attracts more than 18,000 visitors every year.

Zakat Foundation of America will continue community programs in the D.C. area including food aid and backpack distribution. Next month, Zakat Foundation of America is planning a BBQ picnic for refugee families living in Boston. In September, Zakat Foundation of America will be sponsoring a foster parenting workshop in the D.C./Maryland area.

The next major program for Zakat Foundation of America is the Udhiya/Qurbani meat distribution, which will take place in major cities across the United States including Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and more.