Zakat Foundation of America Efforts in Nepal Continue in Earthquake Aftermath

The devastating earthquake of April 25 has left millions in Nepal facing a highly unstable situation. Zakat Foundation of America was able to mobilize an emergency response soon after tragedy struck through a local partner organization on the ground and distributed much needed food packages and clean drinking water to survivors.

In addition, a three-member Emergency Response Team from Zakat Foundation of America’s Headquarters also arrived in Nepal to strengthen our humanitarian response intervention. The team conducted an assessment of the immediate needs of the survivors in the most affected areas namely Gorkha district, which was the epicenter of the earthquake, specifically at Dera Gaun village. Shortly after, our representatives secured and distributed hundreds of blankets, and made a donation to a school that was heavily damaged due to the earthquake.

Our colleagues returned from their mission to Nepal with news of loss and hope, destruction and resolve. They also came back with a better understanding of the damage left by this tragedy and captured a glimpse of the challenges that survivors will be facing in the future.

According to NBC News, more than 7,000 lives have been lost and close to 14,000 people have been injured in addition to eight million who have lost their homes.

Zakat Foundation of America is currently preparing the next phase of the emergency response in order to implement a larger effort that will include the distribution of tents to people who have been left homeless.

The Nepalese people are still reeling from this awful tragedy, and with the very recent earthquake, your compassionate support will help alleviate the hardships they will likely continue to face in the months to come as they try to rebuild their lives.

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