Zakat Foundation of America Contributes to a Safer Chicago “Be Ready to Protect Them”

CHICAGO, SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 — Zakat Foundation of America partnered with First Defense Legal Aid (FDLA) to sponsor, produce and distribute a “Be Ready to Protect Them” campaign.

The campaign was designed by and for the most disenfranchised local populations, poverty stricken, African-American and immigrant youth on the South and West sides of Chicago.

“It is a grim reality to see the average percentage of people who are not given access to a lawyer, and wrongfully convicted of crimes. Because of that, we partnered with the FDLA so we can at least address some of the issues these communities are facing,” said Zakat Foundation of America Programs Director Kemal Birru.

A total of 275 “know your rights” public service announcements were posted throughout the Chicagoland area through the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) public bus advertisements. Workshops, street outreach and other forms of educational materials were also used to spread awareness about this campaign.

“We have already seen a steady increase in calls for such help during the program period. However, we will continue to monitor the data in the police districts where the program occurred to see the overall increase this summer compared to last,” according to a July 31, 2017, FDLA report.

The neighborhoods targeted were Englewood, Auburn Gresham, West Englewood, Gage Park, Marquette Park, West Lawn, North Chicago and Back of the Yards.



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