For Our Youth

For Our Youth

The 52nd ISNA Convention took place in Chicago on the weekend of Sept. 4th through 7th. Zakat Foundation of America enjoyed a tremendous presence and the Zakat Foundation of America team had a wonderful time meeting regular donors and new supporters.

“Look at that picture, son. Lots of kids your age aren’t able to go to school in the world. Do you want to help with a backpack?” A mother spoke to her son in Urdu as the two stood near the Zakat Foundation of America booth, looking at the photos of young Syrian children in a Zakat Foundation of America-sponsored school in southeastern Turkey. During the convention, the Zakat Foundation of America team stood ready at its booth to help raise awareness about the children displaced by or seeking refuge from the Syrian conflict and how Zakat Foundation of America is helping them continue their education in the border town of Gaziantep.

Many of the convention attendees were eager to help and participated in filling Zakat Foundation of America backpacks with school supplies, including notebooks, folders, pencils, and crayons, with an excitement knowing that these items were going to be sent to Syrian refugee students. Part of the activity was for them to write a personal note to the child who would be receiving their sponsored backpack. Many wrote this note with a special concern in their hearts, understanding that the recipient may have lost one or both parents in the course of the Syrian conflict.

With tears filling their eyes, several youth volunteered to help with future Zakat Foundation of America activities and many supporters of all ages stopped by to learn about the general efforts of Zakat Foundation of America worldwide. It was a beautiful spirit of giving that surrounded the Zakat Foundation of America team and its visitors as conversations about ways to serve our sisters and brothers in need continued through the weekend.

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